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HELLS 500 has always been at the front end of innovation and adventure. It’s this approach that keeps their riders interested and excited. The prerequisite for all of their challenges is that it must be tough. For a ride to qualify, it needs to be too difficult to simply get out and ride it. Hells 500 spends months training for each new epic ride – usually timed with the onset of spring. They began to getting introduced as “those Hells 500 guys” and it stuck. Hells 500 are not afraid of the odd epic ride. In fact, the more odd, the greater the appeal!


Hells 500 are also the creators of the everesting concept. It’s a simple concept, and an extremely difficult ride to complete. The rules are simple: pick any climb, anywhere in the world, and repeat it until you have notched up 8,848 meters vertical in one ride. The riders that accomplish this feat are awarded a grey stripe. This stripe signifies Hells 500 riders who have completed either an everesting, or have notched up more than 10,000 vertical meters in a ride to enter the High Rouleur’s Society. Either way it’s a huge challenge! These riders have truly put their blood, sweat, and tears into this major achievement. If you want to read up on some of the most accomplished riders, check out their Hall of Fame.

Ol’ Dirty Race

On September 2nd, Hells 500 had their second annual Ol’ Dirty Bike Race. As you might have guessed, things got pretty filthy! Their bike course, which traveled along dirt paths in Marysville,Victoria, took riders on crazy twists and through a lot of mud. But the fun didn’t stop there; they were also greeted by some scary clowns, treated to stuffed dolls, and enjoyed cotton candy at the finish line. Talk about a crazy time! This amazing Floktu-powered event provided brews, lunch, and socks by MAAP.

Check out our gallery below for some images taken at the event!

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