10 More Out-of-the-Box Event Ideas!

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After the smashing success of our last “10 Out-of-the-Box Ideas” post, we decided to follow up with the next segment! Below are a few of our favorite ideas that you can tailor to your upcoming events. Don’t forget to check out the gallery below for visuals.

  1. Infused Ice Cubes – Unusual ice cubes can be a beautiful way to dress up any beverage. Consider ladling flower petal water into ice trays or infusing water with herbs or other natural flavors to enhance aesthetic and taste!
  2. Creative Canopies – Outdoor events provide an especially good opportunity to dress up outdoor spaces with giant canopies of fabric or string lights. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Fabrics like lace are elegant and let the natural light through (along with the breeze).
  3. Kebabs – There are many reasons to love kebabs as an individual and an event planner. For one, the attendees can take care of the main course for you! Just provide a variety of veggies, fish, and meat, and have the caterers grill them up. In addition, they’re bite-sized and allow attendees to pick and choose according to any dietary restrictions.
  4. Camera-on-the-Go – No photographer? No problem! Disposable cameras have been a hit at weddings for years, but why not feature them at your next event? Leave the photography to the guests and place a disposable or polaroid camera on each table. The results can lead to more relaxed guests and more personal photos! After the event, upload the developed images to the event website or Facebook page and encourage your community to tag event attendees.
  5. Experiential Goody Bags – There’s nothing worse than leaving an event with a goody bag of trinkets that clutter up your home and eventually end up in the garbage. Avoid the waste and annoyance by gifting your guests with experiences – movie tickets, facemasks, or spa and restaurant vouchers will all do nicely.
  6. Creative Placeholders – What is the purpose of your event? Is there a theme? Placeholders don’t have to be the usual ordinary white cards to be elegant and classy.
  7. Hashtag Your Event – You don’t need a fancy hashtag to make this a worthwhile (and free) addition to your event. Having a hashtag can allow guests to share their photos and connect with new acquaintances after-the-fact and promote your event post-production.
  8. Secret Location – Hosting your event at an unusual location and keeping it a secret until the day-of can be an exciting and spontaneous twist of events for your guests. Hosting an event on a dock, at an abandoned location, or a heritage building are all possibilities (as long as it’s safe and legal of course!). Just remember that great communication is key to making it a success.
  9. Balloon Installations – Get inspired by Squarespace’s amazing balloon installation for New York City Pride this past weekend!
  10. Create-Your-Own-Cocktail – Personalization is everything! Put the power in your guests hands and let them design their own cocktails. Day event? Offer Bloody Mary’s along with an assortment of garnishes (let’s be honest, that’s the best part anyway). For evening events, feature sparkling wine along with bowls of berries and herbs to dress up the champagne flutes!
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