5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

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Choosing a venue is one of the many things to tackle when planning your event and one of the most important ones. Creating a checklist of the important things to consider when looking for the perfect place eases the process. 

The Cost

In events, everything comes down to cost and a venue is no different. Your budget is everything and your desired venue should stay within it. Plan ahead to avoid last-minute reservation charges and make sure to stay flexible with dates, as some dates such as weekends or public holidays have a cost increase effect on venue prices. Make sure you get price details for different days and double-check with the venue manager what does the price for the venue entails. Take all this data into consideration before making a decision. 

Have in mind that the majority of venues require a reservation fee, so when you decide to commit to a venue, you will have to pay the fee in advance.


Size Matters

Always make sure you check the venue size and capacity before finalising a venue. There should be enough space for everyone to move freely and sit down comfortably. Have a small margin for that you can increase capacity or accommodate more people if needed. 


Have a plan B

Controlling weather can be a difficult task. Who wants to be in an outside event if it starts to rain or even worse, who wants to be stuck inside a hot conference room when it’s perfect sunshine and temperature outside? Things such as weather forecast and the features of your venue, such as air conditioning or sheltered areas, are important to consider. Prepare in advance and make sure your venue offers a backup plan to accommodate any eventuality.



Are you planning a B2B conference or a B2C event? Different audiences have different requirements but a convenient parking solution will be common to all of them. Make sure to include parking plans when choosing your event venue. If the venue has allocated parking, great, just plan with the venue manager so that your guests have access to it. In case the venue you chose doesn’t offer on-site parking, you might have to search nearby parking solutions for your guests.


Access for all

Ensure there are options for older people or people with mobility issues. These involve elevators, ramps and accessible bathrooms in the vicinity. Make sure your venue has what it takes to make everyone feel included.


Choosing the right venue is about finding the perfect balance between your guests’ wellbeing and experience and what your budget allows. Book your visit to the event venue you are interested in and have a chat with the event coordinator to see if the venue is a good fit for your event. Now that you know what to look for when looking for an event venue, it’s time to save the date and create your event with Floktu!

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