5 Ways to Boost Your Fundraising Potential Using Technology

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So you have a big fundraiser on the horizon but are wondering if there’s more you can do to maximise the resulting funds. The technology boom has revealed a number of avenues for people to donate to charities, crowdfunding, and disaster relief – many of them requiring little more effort than the click of a button!

In the name of innovation, accessibility, and (of course) having a good time, we’ve highlighted five ways in which you can use technology to boost the fundraising potential of your next event.

Live Text-To-Give Campaign

Text-to-give is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your guests to donate (this is true for outside of events as well and has been especially useful during disaster relief). Simply invest in a text-to-give software (such as OneCause) and explain the step-by-step process of donating to your room of guests. Before dinner and once everyone is seated is the optimal time to introduce this method since the night is early on but guests are more likely to donate when surrounded by a group of people. Be sure to let them know that the line will be open to donations beyond the event night as well!

Incorporate Influencers

Get a celebrity or high-profile member of the community to endorse your event and publicity donate to build buzz and encourage others to do the same. Even if they can’t make the event itself, have them call in on live video to give a speech or promote the event on their social media prior. If you have a hashtag with your event, this is something they should incorporate into their message.

Live Social Donation Wall

Connect your attendees and the supporters who couldn’t make it by setting up a live donation wall and featuring images and videos with people’s pledges and supportive messages. As the night goes on, you can start adding photos of your donors who have given throughout the night.

Live Auction and Live Donation

A live auction isn’t a new concept but it’s a great way to raise money and engage your audience. To really build excitement, consider hiring a professional auctioneer to get people in the giving mood. Once the live auction ends, move right into the donation-only section of the program where you ask the audience to donate specific amounts of money (starting with the largest sum and decreasing in increments). Have volunteers with Square credit card readers ready to go around taking payments.

It’s important that the live donation happen after the speeches from people who have a personal connection to the cause. This plays into people’s empathy and will open them to donate. It’s also a good time to explain exactly how your donors funds will be used to support the cause.

Music Request Line

After dinner and speeches (and, dare we say, once your guests are a few glasses of wine in), encourage your guests to request songs from the band by pledging a donation and texting a number that the band has access to.



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