Event Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday Party

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With the end of the year fast approaching, calendars are filling up with holiday party invites and clients are scouting out event managers to help wrap up the work year on a high note. To get your head in the holiday mindset, we present some of our favourite ideas and holiday trends to help you nail any party that 2018 throws your way.

Bring in a Tarot Card Reader

Introduce some excitement to the night by hiring a Tarot Card Reader to your holiday party. As an increasingly popular addition to bridal showers and birthdays, fortune tellers are a novelty for guests in any situation (hey, they might even catch a glimpse of what the new year holds). 

There are plenty of psychics and Tarot Card Readers who specialise in working parties and large-scale events. Seeking out a recommended, high quality Tarot Card Reader with event experience will help ensure a smooth evening. 

Aura Readings

On a similar note, hiring someone to conduct aura readings during a holiday party will have guests talking all night. An aura is a person’s electromagnetic energy field which vibrates at different frequencies depending on an one’s state of body, mind, and being.

Aura readers use a Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging System to photograph a person’s aura and explain the different meanings of the image based on the colors that appear. There’s no conversation piece quite like that!

Rent an Epic Airbnb

Nothing shakes the work-event vibe better than taking your guests out-of-office for the night. Whether you’re in an apartment just a few blocks from the office or renting a mansion on the water, booking an offsite location for your holiday party is a sure way to excite guests. Not only is Airbnb affordable compared to booking private event spaces but you’re sure to find the perfect location in their diverse listings. 

DIY Cocktail Bar

Allowing guests to design their own drink of choice is welcomed in any crowd. Work with your client to decide on a specific cocktail type, or have a variety of options available – including alcohol, juice, soft drinks, and garnishes – to give people free reign. If you choose the latter, be sure to leave suggested recipe cards on the table to give guests some direction.

With corporate companies and large-scale events it’s advisable to have a bartender present to mix drinks and keep guests from going overboard. In this case, have a serve-yourself station of garnishes set up next to the bar for people to finish off their cocktails with.

Make It a Theme

A holiday party doesn’t have to be a black tie affair. Choosing a theme like The Wild Wild West adds another dimension and allows you to build the the night around a central idea. Let the theme dictate the menu, drinks, decor, and entertainment. Setting up a photobooth with props and a backdrop is a great photo op (because there should always be a great photo op!).

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