Five Appetizer Ideas to Elevate Your Event

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At Floktu, we could talk about food all day long, so we were thrilled to get the chance to research some beautiful, convenient, and tasty appetizer ideas to inspire your next event. Don’t let you guests go home hungry!

Edible Centerpieces

We featured edible centerpieces in our 10 Out-of-the-Box Event Ideas and we just can’t get enough of them! Not only are they an efficient way to feed your guests, but they make for a beautiful statement piece on any surface (until they inevitably disappear anyway).

There are many ways to play with an edible centerpiece and no shortage of inspiration on the internet. Whether you decide to keep it simple with a fall-inspired assortment of cheeses, berries, and crackers, or present your guests with a bouquet of chocolate covered roses for dessert, we can assure you that your guests will fall for this stunning and delicious option.

Raw Oyster Bar

A sea of happy guests will be on your hands if you spring for an oyster bar at your event. Provide an assortment of sauces and garnishes for your guests to top their oysters with and you’re good to go! If you decide to really dive into this idea, add roasted potatoes or chips and fresh corn to the menu for guests to supplement with their seafood.


Your guests will be delighted when confronted with a display of appetisers in tiny shooter glasses. Gazpacho is a timeless choice or explore the realm of miniature servings of chips and dips. If you’re feeling extra fancy, opt for chicken and waffle shooters or mini grilled cheese and tomato soup! Creative freedom encouraged.  


A fondue menu means your guests will have more than enough food at their disposal and allows you to get away with a smaller serving staff. Place oil fondues and an assortment of veggies on tables around the room and let your guests mix and mingle while waiting for their selections to cook. Alternatively, choose cheese fondue over oil (or have both!). When dessert comes around, we recommend keeping it simple with a chocolate fountain and fresh fruit.

Build-Your-Own-Taco Station

The taco craze isn’t underrated and we know your guests will jump at the chance to build their own. Simply provide hard and soft shell corn tacos (so your gluten-free guests can enjoy too) along with a selection of fixings. Avocado strongly advised.  

Looking for creative dessert ideas for your next corporate event? We have you covered there too! And if the world of dietary requirements is at all unclear, our Event Planner’s Guide to Navigating Dietary Requirements deconstructs the many terms and meanings associated with them.


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