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Next, in our How-To series for Floktu’s new Event Ticketing Wizard, we’re highlighting some new features included in the ‘Forms’ page of the 6 step wizard.

Haven’t reached this far yet? Review our How-To guide for the new  Tickets page first.

The Forms step of the Floktu Event Ticketing Wizard is where you choose what information each ticket buyer will have to fill out in order to purchase tickets online.

Adding Questions to your Registration Form

On the Forms page, you can select the questions you would like ticket buyers to fill out and arrange the order of those questions on your form. Each individual is required to submit their name and email, but you may wish to collect further details such as company name, phone number, and date of birth. Feel free to delete or edit the given selections by hovering over them and clicking the ‘x’ or edit symbols. To rearrange the order of questions asked, simply hold the arrow to the left of each question and drag them up or down.

To add a question, select the ‘Add Question’ prompt at the bottom right of the page. Here you can specify such requirements like the structure of response you would like, if guests are required to answer the question, whether they can edit their response after saving it, and whether you want to limit the number of characters they can use in their answers – then press save!

Attendee Information

If you would like guests who purchase multiple tickets to be required to give details such as the name and contact information of the attendees who will be using each of the corresponding tickets, check off the ‘Require Information’ box underneath the Registration Forms Questions. From there, you can add, delete, and edit the questions required of each ticket sold.

Make sure you add all possible questions for each ticket type you will need your guests to fill out on this page.

Multi-Ticket Rules

Suppose you have several tiers of tickets available, but each ticket type requires different information from ticket purchasers. By selecting ‘Multi-Ticket Rules’ on the left side of the page, you can decide which questions are asked based on which ticket tier buyers select.

The ‘Registration Information’ grid at the top allows you to apply or not apply each question that you added on the previous page to each ticket type.

The ‘Attendee Information’ grid below works just the same. For every ticket purchaser buying more than one ticket, you can select what information they will have to fill out depending on which tier of ticket they’re buying.

Once you’re happy with your selections, click save which will bring you back to the main questions page and click save once again to move on. You’re almost ready to launch your event!

For more information on Multi-Ticket Rules, visit our support centre here.


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