Planning Your Yoga or Wellness Event

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So you’re organising a client’s upcoming yoga or wellness event – sounds relaxing! For your guests that is. While the process of coordinating a wellness workshop or retreat is rarely as calming for the organisers, stress not. Our timeline will guide you through the organisation process, so you can pull off the event without needing a wellness retreat of your own after.

As the desired size, length, and location of your event will be closely contingent on the budget available, it’s important to keep your client’s vision aligned with what’s realistic (remember, the greater geographical distance the event the higher the cost).

The Outline

Like any other event, the early stages of planning should nail down the where, when, and why, starting with the name. The title of your event should be grounded in a vision and a purpose. For a retreat or workshop, it should be specific. Your guests want to feel confident in their investment and are attending your workshop for a reason. Keep this in mind when discussing the title of the event with your client.

When it comes to choosing a location, if you’re planning an overnight event, we recommend choosing a space that has the capacity to lodge and feed your guests. Giving your guests the option to totally immerse themselves in the workshop creates a more intimate atmosphere and can lead to a more meaningful experience than reentering the outer world each day.

If you’re working with a limited budget, do a search of local yoga studios and retreat centres which are more likely to offer affordable options. Looking into insurance options is highly recommended as most studios will require you to list them on your insurance policy.

As an event manager, you’re probably familiar with pricing events, but remember not to play small if you’re pricing a retreat which can position the experience as low value. Make sure you have a clear cancellation policy planned and price your event taking any cancellations or unexpected costs into account.

Marketing Your Event

Whatever type of yoga or wellness event you’re planning, be sure to employ all the usual suspects when it comes to marketing (we’ve written guides for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!). Advertise your event in community forums and get the studio or retreat center hosting the event to publicise it on their social media, email, and website if you can. If your client has an existing email database, this will be a huge help in getting the word out and recruiting potential attendees.

Remember, if you’re planning an event that requires a certain level of proficiency or experience, it’s necessary to accurately state what skill level the event is tailored to.

When your guests purchase their tickets to your event, make sure they’re required to leave an emergency contact, phone number, and list any allergies or injuries in the process. You can set this up using Floktu’s Forms feature.

The Final Touches

Your event day is just around the corner! It’s time to make a checklist to ensure that the finishing touches are all in place before your guests arrive. Do a walkthrough of the venue, including the studio and guest rooms, to check cleanliness and make sure all the equipment and amenities are working (including speakers, lights, and props).

With that your guests are sure to have an amazing experience! Namaste.


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