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Back in 2014, we brought you an article in collaboration with Liz King featuring her picks of The Apps, Tools & Gadgets to Use Now. In the years since, technology has advanced significantly and the events industry has transformed accordingly. We decided it was time for an update of the best event software, websites, and apps to help keep your life and events business organized and running smoothly. Best of all, the following apps excluding Expensify are available as iOS and Android apps as well as on Desktop.


Slack is a messaging platform that keeps your team working together, even if you’re not in the same room (or country for that matter). Comprised of multiple channels between team members, Slack allows users to create private one-on-one threads with colleagues along with general group channels for specific clients, projects, or events, where members can chime in and strategize as a team.


You really have to download and play with Evernote to get a sense of how useful it is. The note-taking app integrates so much more than just hand-typed notes. The app allows you to separates ideas into different notebooks based on clients or events and allows you to keep certain ones private or share them with colleagues.

Set reminders, make checklists, save clips from the web, send attachments, even take voice recordings. It might sound overwhelming at first, but Evernote gives you the freedom to use it however and as much as you want to.


There are several time-tracking tools out there but Toggl comes out at the front of the pack. It allows you and your team to keep track of the hours spent on different projects and compiles the information into detailed reports. Most useful of all, Toggl Pro gives you the option of integrating other software like Quickbooks so you can bill clients directly based on your hours.


Asana is a web-based checklist that lets you create recurring tasks and assign them to yourself and the members of your team. Add attachments, notes, and tag your tasks based on client, event, or any other way you’d like. Asana makes staying organized, delegating tasks, and ensuring that no details fall through the cracks easy.


Expensify is a dream for event managers that are constantly expensing a number of different clients. Snap pictures of receipts, generate receipts from online sales, and watch Expensify generate automated reports that can be approved and shared to your team on a dime.


It’s coming up on Pinterest’s 10-year anniversary but this curated search engine is just as relevant as ever, especially in the fields of design, event planning, and hospitality. Create idea boards for your event menu, decoration ideas, flowers, table settings, etc. and save them for future reference. The Chrome extension allows users to save ideas to their Pinterest boards from external  websites as well.

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