Tips to Improve On-site Event Communication

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Communication is everything. And as an event planner, you know how important it is for messages to be as clear as possible and with the number of things that can and will go wrong during an event, it’s important to make sure that every stakeholder is up to date. Not only your team but attendees as well. Here are the 3 best tips to improve communication when hosting your event:

Core Team

It’s imperative that you stay in contact with your team and choose a method of communication that can be applied to the whole staff. From walkie-talkies to group chats or phone calls, it’s important that you keep in touch. 
Make sure you’re in constant contact with the door staff as they are the gatekeepers and the first team to encounter any issues with attendees. 
Prior to the event itself make sure to gather your team contact details and also create code names for situations that may arise, such as any security issues, that you don’t want your attendees to know about. Keep communication short and concise.

External Stakeholders

This group covers partners, speakers, or sponsors that will arrive at your event and need to be guided where to go and what to do.
Take charge and create a plan for this group who is an extension of your team with one point of contact for planning and for the day itself. And don’t forget the physical communication to let them know where to park, where to set up and how to check-in.


Even though backstage and behind the scenes are normally hectic, it’s important to create an atmosphere of organisation so that your guests know how the event is going to unfold from the minute they lay eyes on your event. Even before purchasing tickets, info about dates and some about times should be available, as well as speakers or artists taking part in your event. But the most important piece of communication needs to be during your event. From maps, schedules and information point to menus, infographics and overall design, the messaging should be as clear as possible.

As an event planner, always make sure the right people are in the loop and know everything that is happening. The more people that are briefed, the higher chance you’re ready for any arising situation. Communicating with your team and your guests can ensure a successful event.

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