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Instagram Stories have been growing in popularity since the feature was first introduced last year in August. Like Snapchat, the feature is a great way to give viewers an inside look at your event through short, play-by-play images and videos. Here is our step-by-step guide to creating your first Instagram story, going live on Instagram and tips on how to use the feature to promote your event!

1) On the top left of your Instagram homepage, tap the camera icon to get started. 

2) Depending on which way you want the camera facing (either at or away from you), you may have to double tap the screen to reverse the direction. Once the camera is facing the direction you want, take your photo by tapping the round button on your screen.


3) Or take a video by holding down the round button (you can create a video for up to 15 seconds). You can also choose to have the flash on or off by clicking the lighting bolt button. A ring will start to form as you film your video so you’ll be able to see how much time as elapsed and how much more time you have to film. Of course you can just lift your finger to stop recording. IMG_1070

3) To make a boomerang story (ie. a burst of photos that are stitched together into a mini video that plays forward and backward), scroll to the left from the bottom of your screen. The setting should change from ‘normal’ to ‘boomerang’.


4) Continue scrolling for Instagram’s new hands free feature to film yourself or your setting hands free!


4) New, on Instagram, you can use images, videos, or boomerangs that you have taken within the last 24 hours. In order to have access to these files simply swipe up on the camera feature (see image below) and select the image you wish to add to Instagram Stories. 


4) To make a background a solid color, take any image and then, go to the pen tool at the top right and select your color then hold your finger down on the screen and the color will fill the screen!


4) You can add text by tapping your screen, waiting for the keyboard to appear, and starting to type. If your text is difficult to read tap the top text tool “A”at the top of your screen for more text options (second image)!



6) On the main screen of Instagram Stories once you’ve added the image you want to share you can also swipe right to add a filter on your image.


6) Selecting the text option also allows you to tag friends, brands, or other companies, as long as they have Instagram! Do this by typing in the person’s Instagram handle (for example, @floktu), and their photo should appear for you to select. Feel free to tag more than one person! Each person you tag will get a message to their inbox notifying them that you’ve tagged them in your Instagram Story. 


There’s a tonne of other fun features that Instagram provides you with to really personalize your Instagram stories:

  • You can add your location by tapping on the smiley face icon. Find it on the upper right corner of your screen after taking your photo or video and click location. Click on the location to change the background color(s) and make it more visible if necessary.




  • Next to this feature is the temperature and time icons, tap these to showcase the temperature at your event or the time if you’re counting down to something special!





  • In this same folder are fun stickers and emoji’s to add to your Instagram Stories as well.

Image uploaded from iOS (36)

  • You can also embed links into your image or video (ie. a link to your company website, event page, or speaker profile page), if your Instagram account has more than 10K followers, by clicking the link button next to the typing and drawing options and entering the URL. This will allow viewers to see and click your link by selecting the ‘See More’ button that will appear on the bottom of their screen.

7) Once you’re happy with your image or video click Next at the bottom right of your screen, to share it simply select “Your Story” to post publicly! 



8) After your post has been made live, you can see how many people have viewed it. To check out your views, tap “Your Story” and swipe up when viewing the photo or video. This also gives you the option save your story (first button on the left), crop your video (the middle button), or delete your story. You can also delete and save your story by clicking the bottom right of the screen when you are viewing it. Doing this also allows you to edit your story settings and share it as a post if you want it to appear on your Instagram feed permanently.

Image uploaded from iOS (37)

10) You can also go live at your event by simply swiping right on your Instagram photo feed. From there, click ‘Start Live Video,’ wait for the countdown, and you’re off to the races! Once you go live Instagram will notify some of your followers so that they can join in. Recently Instagram updated this feature to give you the option to save your live video so you’re able to post it after you’ve gone live. After saving this live video it is pushed to the front of users Instagram Stories feed at the top of the Instagram app. This feature is great if you want to get a lot of views on your live story as it gives people the chance to watch it even if they missed the opportunity to watch your video live. 


Showing your followers and event guests a behind the scenes look at your event is a great new way to get people excited. To get the most out of your Instagram story, we recommend creating an outline for your story’s plan before, during, and after your event. Before your event, you might share a glimpse of your catering crew cooking up a storm and your florist putting flowers into beautiful vases or your venue being transformed for your incredible event. 

During the event, film your guests having a wonderful time, showcase the final dressed up event space, or even give viewers a quick catch-up with one of your speakers before they take the stage. After the event, you can thank all of your event guests for attending and be sure to let them know when the next event is! 

The most important tip of all is have fun with it! Instagram Stories is a casual, less curated view into your event and a great way to interact with your attendees and give them sneak peak behind the scene access to your event.

Header image credit: Techcrunch


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