Using Social Media to Promote Your Event

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A social media strategy might not be an integral part of every event you work, but it can be hugely important when it comes to selling tickets, creating buzz, and giving your valued sponsors exposure. Almost half of all events have a dedicated social media team, but since that won’t always be an option it’s important to know how to market your event yourself. With the social media space constantly changing, we’ve detailed a few key ways to draw up a social media strategy for your event.

Know Your Platforms

A study by Event Manager showed that 89% of Event Managers use social media for pre-event engagement, 49% use it for engaging attendees during an event, and 38% use it for capturing feedback after an event.

Facebook is still the reigning champion of social platforms in terms of event promotion due to its accessible event creation capabilities. The platform is closely followed by Linkedin and Twitter. Facebook is also the preferred platform for customer management and community building.  

Have a Copywriter on Your Side

Your writing skills might get you through the emails in your inbox but having well-written copy associated with your event is invaluable. The internet makes it incredibly easy to connect with freelancers around the globe, so team up with a writer who understands the voice of your event and check ‘excellent copywriting’ off your to-do list.

Make an Ad Plan

Your budget should include a small portion to go towards paid social advertising. While a regular Facebook post will only reach 10% of its potential audience, putting $500 towards social ads will result in reaching 100,000 more potential attendees (Event Manager, 2018). Going live during the setup of the event on Facebook and boosting it to reach a greater audience can be a great way to build anticipation and spread the word of your approaching event.

Make sure the platforms you choose to run ads on are relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. This infographic from Spredfast breaks down each platform by demographics like age, income, and time.

Run a Giveaway

Whether your goals are creating engaging content, building your community, or increasing the reach of your event, hosting a social giveaway is an easy way to accomplish all these things. Create a social post on Facebook or Instagram with the entry mechanic to include following your page, liking the post, and tagging a friend in the comments for the chance to win a ticket.

Consider Incorporating an Influencer Strategy

Ask yourself whether partnering with influencers to promote your event would increase your event’s reach. By definition, an influencer is a social media user who has established credibility in a certain market and has the reach and ability to influence a large audience. If you have one or more people in mind who fit within your budget, working with them can be a great way to bolster your social media strategy.

For advice on drawing up a contract that benefits both parties, see our article on Approaching Influencer Agreements

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